I have been working as a graphic designer for nine years mainly in a small teams focussing on building brands. During that time my focus has been on applying the thinking and strategy behind the brands to the areas of print, digital and signage.

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I’ve had the advantage of working with great clients, designers, developers and suppliers allowing me a resourceful network and a wealth of experience.

I have found that a collaborative approach leads to the best outcome.

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Brand identity and logo design
Website and online communications
Print based design
Marketing material
Signage and environments
Visual communications

I work with a wide range of suppliers from printers to signage contractors, web developers to hosting companies, copywriters to strategists which means I can make sure that the design and direction that has been arrived at is produced correctly.

I start any new project by meeting with my clients – in person if possible – and listening to the unique challenges they are looking to solve. I believe every project is different and requires a unique solution. I work from a blank canvas on each job, there is no set style that can be applied to every project.

At the core of any design solution is a strong idea. Executed well, a clear message can help a brand or product stand out.

What about you, what do you do? 
What challenges does your business face?
How are you standing out? 

The things that make your business unique are what really matter to me. Understanding those leads to meaningful design and in turn can improve your business.