Work included
Brand Identity Refresh
Art Direction
Icon Design
Website Design
Style Guide

Project Overview

InStitchu allows men to create high quality custom, tailored menswear either online or through their retail showrooms. Started in 2012 Institchu is now a $10 million business with showrooms in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Harley Johnston Design was approached to redesign their online presence and in the process update their brand identity. The process started by discussing the limitation of the old website which had two main limitations, it was not responsive and the customising tool was tricky to use and slow. We started by looking at how this experience could be optimised for mobile without sacrificing the wide variety of options Institchu offers for jacket, shirt, vest and pant customisation.

Institchu allows customers to customise pretty much anything on there shirts and suits from basic elements like collar and cuff styles, to button colour and monograms and anything in between. Institchu offers suggestions for each garment and users can customise them as they need by selecting a different style variation. Each variation required a clear icon to show the differences quickly at small sizes. In all over 180 icons were designed in total. The overall look also needed an overhaul to help bring about unity across the online experience. The logo received a minor adjustment and the existing navy and pink were given more prominence.

The typographic palette now consist of a geometric sans serif, a hardworking but elegant type family originally designed for use in a newspaper and a special font that works well at tiny sizes for UI elements. An image treatment using the navy overlay allowed for the creation of banners with text to be used throughout the site while reinforcing the brand. A visual style guide document outlining the brand identity elements was created to help with future communications.

Web Development: Seb Lecocq
Icon Illustration: Reza Handoko

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