Robert Plumb Project website design

Work included
Website design
Art direction

Project Overview

Robert Plumb Project is a boutique building company established by Bill Clifton in 2007. Initially the business focused on external landscape carpentry and building works in partnership with the co-director William Dangar. Since then Robert Plumb Project has grown organically to include the construction of larger homes, in the premium residential sector collaborating with some of Sydney’s leading interior designers and architects.

I was contacted by a former colleague to design the new Robert Plumb Project website. The brief was to create a modern website that was responsive and reflected the brands values, namely to be design focused and boutique. After meeting with the directors and discussing options we noticed that a lot of the references were printed editorial, this ended up driving the design aesthetic with the content utilising a strict grid and bold typography and their stunning photographic resources. I worked with the developers to create a system that allows Robert Plumb Project to display their content in an infinite number of possible layouts.

Project Management: Jo Bennett, Marketing Angels
Web Development: Drumbeat Digital

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